Regional New South Wales

Participation in higher education by students who come from regional areas is traditionally lower than the general population. It is known that students in rural and regional Australia face significant barriers in accessing educational opportunities. Those barriers include difficulties in attracting and retaining suitably qualified staff, developing and raising aspirations in relation to further learning and substantial costs in accessing educational opportunities.

In accordance with Strategy Fourteen of the University of Sydney's Strategic Plan, our engagement in both local and rural areas is diverse and valuable, from research and outreach to student placement and professional development. As we deepen our commitment to engaged enquiry, our aim is to identify those local and rural communities with which we can partner most fruitfully across a range of initiatives. We will identify a number of communities with whom we have existing links, particularly those where we already have a physical presence, and build stronger University-wide cooperation with them across a range of activities including:

  • Conduct an audit of current community engagement programs throughout the University, including those in rural and remote areas, to focus future activity in community engagement.
  • Identify a sustain able number of projects that include opportunities for education and research activities (in consultation with external groups) that will directly engage local residents, students, staff and alumni.
  • Embed strategies for community-engaged learning within the curricula of the University through the process of curriculum renewal.
  • Increase our stakeholders' understanding of the University's mission, goals and messages through the implementation of an integrated marketing and communications plan.
  • Include in the campus master planning process consideration of the infrastructure required to create and sustain a viable cultural precinct.

The Social Inclusion Unit currently manages a number of targeted programs for regional and remote areas. The Bridges to Higher Education initiative also has a Rural Remote Project Group that engages directly with students, school staff and local communities in certain rural and remote areas.

For further information or to discuss how we can partner with your school community, please contact .