Division of Social Sciences and Humanities

Title of application Project leader/contact
Widening Participation in the Humanities: Expanding Partnerships with Low-SES and Rural Schools to Foster Aspiration and Achievement Mike McDonnell - synopses PDFs: part 1, part 2
Taking a Longer View of Widening Participation: Toward a History of Social Inclusion in Higher Education in Sydney, c.1945-1975 Hannah Forsyth - synopsis (PDF)
Peer Assisted Study Skills (PASS) Lisa Happell
Educational Inclusion and Exclusion: Perspectives, Evaluations and Prospects from South Western Sydney Lorraine Towers
Footbridge to Participation Project Margot Rawsthorne
Developing Students’ Motivation in Science Through Teaching by Inquiry. Louise Sutherland
Mentoring for Social Inclusion – Many Hands Shaping Preferred Futures Nigel Goodwin
Increasing Indigenous students in Higher Education: Is Participation in Sport Associated with Academic Achievement and Higher Education Aspirations Among Indigenous Students? Louisa Peralta - synopsis (PDF)
‘Coming in Mid-­stream – Accelerated Entry Programs as a Social Inclusion Initiative: the BSW Exemplar Rosalie Pockett

‘Coming in mid-stream’ - accelerated entry programs as a social inclusion initiative: the BSW Exemplar

Dr Rosalie Pockett
The project evaluates the Accelerated Entry program for the Bachelor of Social Work, which commenced in 2006. The research will evaluate the impact of accelerated entry pathways as a social inclusion strategy and will have wider University relevance as they are adopted in other programs and Faculties.

Developing online surveys to address social inclusion and to enhance the student experience in the Faculty of Education and Social Work

Associate Professor Judy Anderson
The project will develop replicable and sustainable online survey tools, which reveal more about students’ experiences during first year and beyond. The data will inform teaching and learning initiatives to meet the needs of all students and the surveys will be adapted as we prioritise and carry out various initiatives that are relevant to social inclusion.

Developing students’ motivation in science through teaching by inquiry

Dr Louise Sutherland
This project targets students in disadvantaged schools by building their teachers’ and future teachers’ understanding of teaching science through inquiry. It will develop new partnerships by developing a collaborative framework around pre-service and in-service teachers, and members of the Faculties of Science and Education and Social Work. Participants will collaboratively develop, implement and evaluate inquiry-based learning experiences.

Educational inclusion and exclusion: perspectives, evaluations and prospects from south western Sydney

Dr Lorraine Towers
This qualitative comparative study poses the question: how do secondary students and their communities in south-western Sydney conceptualise education and their own participation in schooling, and what do they identify as the relevant factors supporting or inhibiting their educational engagement?

Footbridge to Participation project

Dr Margot Rawsthorne
This collaborative project seeks to familiarise Glebe social housing residents with the university, encourage students to develop educational aspirations and to disturb assumptions about the potential of disadvantaged students. The project builds on the current ‘Uni in a Day’ program for all Year 5 and 6 students from Glebe Primary School by expanding the program to other schools, developing pre and post classroom activities and following up with students as they move through schooling.

Increasing Indigenous students in higher education: Is participation in sport associated with academic achievement and higher education aspirations among Indigenous students?

Dr Louise Peralta
The project explores the educational goals and aspirations of local (urban) adolescent Indigenous students participating in talented and elite sporting programs and their awareness of pathways into higher education and support provided by the University of Sydney.

Mentoring for Social Inclusion – many hands shaping preferred futures

Dr Nigel Goodwin
Senior students mentoring first year student teachers when undertaking a social inclusion case study field project in educational and community contexts. The initial project outcomes include developing skills in recognising social inclusion issues in authentic contexts, elaborating strategies that are used to address those social inclusion issues, and critiquing the success or failure of those issues.

Peer Assisted Study Skills (PASS)

Lisa Happell
Implementation of PASS into the Faculty of Law, following a successful pilot in 2 subjects. Working collaboratively with the Business School. Sydney University Law Society and other Faculties in the division to design and implement a PASS program that will create inclusive, interactive and supportive learning environments for all students.

Taking a longer view of widening participation: toward a history of social inclusion in higher education in Sydney, c. 1945-1975

Hannah Forsyth
This historical study of the impact of past social inclusion strategies compares two universities (University of Sydney and UNSW) in two key decades to evaluate social inclusion strategies over a longer timeframe – enough time to offer a real understanding of their impact.

Widening participation in the Humanities: Expanding partnerships with low-SES and rural schools to foster aspiration and achievement

Dr Michael McDonnell
Building on the successful initiative of the History Department to create new partnerships with low SES schools, teachers and students, this project will expand this to include English and Gender and Cultural Studies. Working consultatively with an increased network of prioritised partner schools, the team will create a program of learning modules designed for on and off-campus delivery. These modules will focus on syllabus-related content and developing transferable skills to improve the academic preparation of potential students.