Widening participation

Students sitting together at a table

Widening participation in higher education means giving students who are currently less likely to take part in higher education the chance to access information about further study, stay engaged in school and have the opportunity to go on to tertiary education.

Students currently less likely to study at a tertiary level include those from low socio-economic backgrounds and rural areas, Indigenous students, students with a disability, recently arrived migrants, students from non-English speaking backgrounds, and mature-age students.

The University has a number of initiatives already in place to widen participation including:

  • admissions schemes with diverse pathways into the University.
  • partnerships and networks that let us coordinate activities on a broader scale.
  • Widening Participation Grants are HEPPP funded projects open to both currently employed academic and general staff at the University. The projects are faculty centred initiatives and this is one of the University's strategies to widen participation and diversify our student cohort, a priority of our strategic plan.
  • Widening Participation Scholars Network (WPSN). The University's Widening Participation Scholars are a network of academic and professional staff at the forefront of initiating, recognising and rewarding inclusive teaching enterprises. The University has provided a number of scholarships and grants over the past three years to aid staff in developing an understanding of Social Inclusion. The network provides professional development opportunities, and is open to any interested staff. To join the network, click here.
  • support services for current students to ensure they have a comfortable, fulfilling and inclusive experience at university.

We are a member of the Bridges to Higher Education program, a partnership of five Sydney-based universities working strategically to roll out activities and joint programs across Sydney for primary and high school students, their teachers and families.