Our partnerships

Students at university in an exam

We have a strong history of support for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. We provide extensive financial, learning and personal support to students, and our faculties run specialised first-year transition programs.

Our partnerships with external organisations such as the Smith Family are an important way for us to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds, encourage them to stay engaged in school and gain the best possible opportunity to go on to tertiary education.

Two of our alumni have established programs that widen participation and we are proud to partner with them.

Alumnus Jack Manning Bancroft set up the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) during his student days to encourage Indigenous students to go on to higher education and complete their studies with the support of a mentor.

Rugby league star Corey Payne founded the Future Direction Network in December 2009 to inform students from South-West Sydney (where he grew up) about the importance of higher education. The Future Direction Network uses mentoring programs, career pathway planning and financial assistance to help educate and inspire school students.