Scholarship in Social Inclusion

Here you can view profiles for University of Sydney scholars and projects related to the effort to widen participation at university. If you would like your work profiled here, please contact .

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A Home at University: Residential Colleges and Student Access
  • Project Leader: Professor Alan Atkinson
  • Project Leader: Dr Tiffany Donnelly
  • Tiffanny Junee
  • Martin Seneviratne
The Centre for Disability Studies Inclusive Education Program
  • Program Coordinator: Friederike Gadow
  • Centre for Disability Studies Director: Professor Patricia O'Brien
  • Student Support: Fran Keeling, Ryan Cigana
Developing Creative Arts career pathways through tertiary study
  • Project Leader: Dr Jennifer Rowley ()
  • Project Partner (research leader): Dr Helen Mitchell ()
  • Project Partner (SCA): Mr Oliver Smith ()
  • Project Partner (ADP): Dr Martin Tomitsch ()
  • Academic Teacher (ADP): Dr Somwrita Sakar ()
  • Casual Academic Teacher (SCA): Ms Vicky Browne ()
Kickstart on the Road 2014
  • Tom Gordon
  • Dr Cecily Oakley
Science Alliance
  • Jessica Morris
Social Inclusion in English
Social Inclusion in History
Undergraduate Study Hall: Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Jennifer Barrett
  • Kieryn McKay
  • Rebecca Johinke
  • Deborah Rodrigo
  • Rita Shackel
  • Belinda Smith
  • Peter Lead
  • Louisa Peralta
  • Belinda Chambers