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The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre is forging Australia’s relationship with one of the world’s fastest growing regions by educating students and building new partnerships with academics and governments based on research excellence.

With more than 270 academics across 15 faculties working on and in Southeast Asia, the University of Sydney has one of the highest concentrations of regional expertise in the world.



Engaging our community

Our public events program brings together academics, policy makers and practitioners across multiple disciplines to address topics of specific relevance to Southeast Asia.



Fostering multidisciplinary excellence

Scholars at the University of Sydney working on Southeast Asia specialise in an extraordinary range of disciplines, from history to law and political science, and from agriculture to medicine and veterinary science.



Forging the next generation

We work with faculties and supervisors to support students interested in Southeast Asia through a variety of research training programs and study pathways.

Explore Southeast Asia through our field schools