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With more than 270 academics working on and in Southeast Asia, the University of Sydney has one of the highest concentrations of regional expertise in the world. The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC) was established to build on this wide-ranging expertise.

SSEAC goes beyond the conventional area studies model, which is focused around the humanities and social sciences. It fosters partnerships and collaboration between researchers and practitioners working on critical real-world issues, such as infectious diseases, fair trade, the environment, food and other forms of human security. SSEAC connects those experts to academics who have the in-depth cultural and political knowledge necessary for sustained regional engagement.

By using this truly interdisciplinary approach the centre:

  • showcases the University of Sydney's existing research about Southeast Asia
  • partners with governments, think tanks, non-government organisations and private sector organisations with an interest in Southeast Asia
  • enhances the learning experience of undergraduate, postgraduate and research students with an interest in or who are from Southeast Asia.

Our work makes a real difference by informing decisions in government, industry and the wider community.


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