Events 2017

15 February 2017: Myanmar's rural transformation - emerging evidence of rapid structural change


Most accounts of Myanmar’s rural economy paint a picture of stagnation, in a country characterised by chronic food insecurity, persistent poverty, and extremely low agricultural productivity. The seminar presented survey evidence from 2016, showing that a recent, rapid and profound transformation has begun in rural areas close to Myanmar’s main city, Yangon. These interlinked changes signal an extremely rapid deepening of market relations occurring in the areas surveyed. The immediate and longer run social implications of this multifaceted process require further exploration.

Dr Ben Belton holds the position of Assistant Professor in International Development at Michigan State University. He is based full-time in Myanmar in the USAID funded project 'Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy'.

30 January 2017: Community leadership for health - a story of rural Javanese women with Type 2 Diabetes


The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre hosted a group of 26 women activists from Indonesia in January 2017 for a two-week short course aimed at improving participants' leadership, management and organisational skills. The networking event featured a short presentation by Dr Dyah Pitaloka from the Department of Indonesian Studies about her research on the leadership strategies used by rural women in Indonesia with Type 2 Diabetes.