Events 2013

5-6 December 2013: 18th Malaysia and Singapore Society of Australia Symposium

SSEAC co-hosted the 18th MASSA conference, which was based around the theme of ‘The 2013 Malaysian Election: Critical Junctures and Contested Visions’.

More details about the conference, including a program and abstracts, are available here.

7-8 November 2013: SSEAC Burmese language intensive

SSEAC offered 15 people the opportunity to participate in a Burmese language training intensive. The 10 hour intensive, taught by Yuri Takahashi, was for complete beginners to the language and was held over two days. Eight University of Sydney staff and 2 members of the public participated in the training.

3-6 November 2013: SSEAC postgraduate retreat

The inaugural Sydney Southeast Asia Centre research student retreat was held in Wangat Lodge, Dungog from 3-6 November 2013. Twenty-three research students and 5 members of staff participated. More details about the retreat will be available soon.

24 October 2013: Category 2 and 3 grants workshop

SSEAC and the Office for Global Health hosted a workshop about Category 2 and 3 grants. These non-academic grants are for outreach or applied research funded from sources such as AusAID, foundations, trusts and bequests. The purpose of the workshop was to provide information about how to apply for and implement these types of grants. More information, including notes and presentations, are available here.

18 October 2013: The Cham in Southeast Asia: Political participation and politicisation

SSEAC hosted Dr Nicolas Weber from the University of Malaya, who presented his research about the Cham, an ethnic minority group from Southeast Asia. Dr Weber presented a synthesis of Cham political involvement in mainland Southeast Asia and the recent politicisation of the Cham communities. He illustrated the political role of one of Southeast Asia’s most famous ethnic minority groups and offered insight into the present situation of Cham communities.

11 October 2013: Imagining the ASEAN Community Forum

Over the course of an afternoon, 16 speakers with expertise on Southeast Asia came together to discuss political, economic and socio-political issues within ASEAN. More information, including details of the speakers and a copy of the keynote speech by Associate Professor Helen Nesadurai, is available here.

3-4 October 2013: Vietnamese language intensive

SSEAC worked with the Hoc Mai Foundation to offer 15 people the opportunity to participate in a Vietnamese language training intensive. The 10 hour intensive, taught by Julie Lam from Sydney Language Solutions, was for complete beginners to the language and was held over two days. Fifteen staff and students from the Sydney Medical School participated in the training.

29 August 2013: Digital archiving and open access

As the Open Access movement gains momentum more and more researchers are opening up their research to the world. Staff with a Southeast Asia focus were invited to attend a lunch time library session about how to use digital archiving to expand their research impact. Notes from the session are available here.

29 July 2013: Joint SSEAC and CPACS seminar - The United Nations in Timor-Leste: A critical appraisal

SSEAC and the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies co-hosted a seminar by Maria Raquel Freire, a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies and tenured professor of International Relations at the School of Economics of the University of Coimbra. This session focused on the role of the United Nations (UN) in the peacebuilding process in Timor-Leste, looking at the differentiated presences of the UN and how it has contributed (or not) to the consolidation of the state.

24 July 2013: Literature searching and Endnote training

The SSEAC librarian, Michelle Harrison, facilitated a session for research students with a Southeast Asia focus. During the session she shared tips to save time, choose information sources, refine search strategies and manage references.

24 July 2013: SSEAC research student afternoon tea

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre hosted an afternoon tea for research students from or who were doing research about Southeast Asia. The event was an opportunity for students to meet others from across campus interested in Southeast Asia and learn about SSEAC and its activities.

5 July 2013: Documentary screening - Nuklir Jawa

SSEAC hosted film producer and academic Sulfikar Amir from Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore. His film, Nuklir Jawa, focuses on the revival of nuclear power and the strong opposition of civil society groups in the post-New Order era in Indonesia.

Semester 1, 2013: Country colloquiums

Throughout Semester 1, 2013, SSEAC hosted a series of country colloquiums for members of the different country groups. The purpose of these colloquiums was to foster the development of academic communities around the study of these countries, identifying possible collaborative prospects and helping to establish a strategic focus for the University’s engagement with these countries.