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Sydney researchers go global

From Antarctica to Amsterdam, many of our researchers will be delving into archives, excavating archaeological sites and collaborating with international peers during the teaching break.

Students make the world their campus this summer

With exams over and summer finally here, hundreds of our students are packing up their bags to head around the globe to gain hands-on experiences, learn new skills and make a difference in communities near and far.

Changing the world one scholarship at a time

Changing the world one scholarship at a time

As they prepare to return home, our latest cohort of international scholarship graduates explain how they will use their experiences at Sydney to make social, economic and cultural changes in their countries.

Fight to be funny: Sakdiyah Ma'ruf gets serious at Sydney Ideas

Sakdiyah Ma

21 November 2016

The first Indonesian female Muslim stand-up comedian walks into a university…no, it doesn’t have a punch-line, but it’s what happened last week when pioneering comic Sakdiyah Ma’ruf joined the Chaser’s Julian Morrow, an alum of the University (BA ’95 LLB ’98), to discuss the serious side of comedy.

Voice of the people

Voices of the people

23 September 2016

Marissa Anita trained for print journalism at Sydney but has become a prominent TV journalist in Indonesia. Interviewing some of Indonesia’s most powerful people, she is part of her country’s evolving spirit of freedom of the press.

Is Australia denying Timor its birthright?

Australia and East Timor

29 August 2016

Australia and East Timor start conciliation talks in The Hague on Monday in an effort to resolve their bitter legal dispute over maritime boundaries – and $40bn of petroleum rights. Timor argues that Australia refuses to recognise Timor’s rights under international law.

What our students did between semesters


21 July 2016

'During my holiday, I looked at the work being done to empower women and reduce the gender differences in Indonesia. I stayed for one week in Jakarta with a group from the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre to get an overview of the issues and then we travelled onto Sulawesi and undertook more focused research placements with NGO's.'

Social justice in action: my time at the Courts of Cambodia

7 June

Hannah Solomons (JD 2015) undertook an internship at the Courts of Cambodia, set up by the United Nations and the Kingdom of Cambodia to try former Khmer Rouge for international crimes.

Singapore to recognise University of Sydney qualifications under new trade agreement

6 May

Further qualifications from the University Sydney will be recognised by Singapore, following a new agreement announced by the Australian and Singaporean governments.

Cultural industries in Central Java

Cultural Industries in Central Java

11 March

Students from the University of Sydney and Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia recently participated in a two-week field school to explore the importance of creative industries in Central Java.

The role of universities in promoting prosperity in our region

11 March

Universities must and should play a role in developing the Indo-Pacific region.

Five representatives from the University of Sydney will today address the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade's Inquiry into the role of development partnerships in agriculture and agribusiness in promoting prosperity, reducing poverty and enhancing stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Please follow this link for the news article:–prosperity-in-our-region.html

International exchange gives the Asian street vendor shelter a design makeover

Street Vendor

22 January

Architecture students from Australia and Indonesia collaborate as part of a two-week exchange.

The humble street vendor cart and shelter that lines the streets of many Asian cities and is a key driver of local economies will get a design makeover by Australian and Indonesian architecture students this month.

Empowering people with disabilities in Indonesia


21 January

Creating a more inclusive environment in Indonesia.

Leaders from Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) throughout Indonesia are in Sydney for the next two weeks as part of an Australia Awards short course run by the University of Sydney.

Director of the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre Professor Michele Ford said the workshop would help to strengthen the leadership and management skills of the key disability advocacy organisations in the country.