Strategic and operational management is vested in a Director who is supported by an Executive Committee composed of academic members associated with the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, and the Country Coordinators, who are appointed to their positions by the Executive Committee.

The Director reports to the Provost, who chairs the Board of Management. The Director also engages with a Liaison Committee, composed of Deans/Heads of Schools or their representatives.


The Director serves as the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre's manager and academic head. S/he is a senior academic specialising in any area of Southeast Asian Studies, and a Professor of the University of Sydney.

The Director is ultimately responsible to the Provost for the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre's performance, including the delivery of its mission and goals, and the effective management of its resources to sustain and enhance its academic and outreach roles.

Liaison Committee

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre is also supported in an advisory capacity by a Liaison Committee, representing the Faculties and Schools. The Liaison Committee provides a forum for information exchange between these academic units and the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, as well as for encouraging collaboration between academic units on Southeast Asia-related initiatives. Deans and Heads of School are responsible for nominating a representative to the Liaison Committee, who will report on Southeast Asia-related activities in their academic units and identify opportunities where we can support their efforts to meet their objectives in the region. The members of the Liaison Committee will elect a Chair, who will represent the Committee on the Board of Management.