Environment and resources

This is an alphabetic list of our members involved in environment and resources research. To quickly find a member or country of interest, hold down Ctrl + F on a PC and Command + F on a Mac to bring up your browser's search function and type in a search word.

Names Countries of interest
Emeritus Professor Ben Boer Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Dr Eleanor Bruce Cambodia
Professor Lester Burgess Indonesia, Vietnam
Dr Russell Bush Cambodia, Laos    
Professor Linda Connor Indonesia
Professor Les Copeland Vietnam
Dr Anthony Delaney Timor Leste 
Associate Professor Ross Drynan Indonesia, Timor Leste 
Dr Damien Field Laos 
Dr Robert Fisher Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand 
Dr Josephine Gillespie Cambodia
Professor David Guest Indonesia, Philippines
Ms Lyn Henry Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos
Professor Philip Hirsch Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Dr Yayoi Lagerqvist Indonesia, Laos
Professor Rosemary Lyster Indonesia
Emeritus Professor Gordon MacAulay Indonesia
Associate Professor Robyn McConchie Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Dr Budiman Minasny Indonesia
Dr Elizabeth Moylan Cambodia  
Professor Ben Oldroyd Thailand
Dr Bee-Lan Oo Singapore
Dr Dan Penny Cambodia
Dr Viliam Phraxayavong Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam   
Associate Professor Bill Pritchard Burma, Indonesia 
Professor Bill Rathmell Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Dr Michael Rimmer Indonesia
Dr Gordon Rogers Philippines, Vietnam   
Dr Paulo Santos Indonesia
Professor Peter Sharp Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam   
Dr Habil Catherine Stampfl Brunei
Dr Tim Stephens Indonesia
Professor Peter Windsor Cambodia, Laos