This is an alphabetic list of our members involved in health research. To quickly find a member or country of interest, hold down Ctrl + F on a PC and Command + F on a Mac to bring up your browser's search function and type in a search word.

Names Countries of interest
Associate Professor Louise Ada Vietnam
Professor Warwick Anderson Indonesia, Singapore
Professor Lesley Barclay Indonesia, Malaysia
Associate Professor Maureen Boughton Singapore
Professor Patrick Brennan Malaysia, Vietnam
Professor Simon Chapman Thailand
Professor Glen Davis Malaysia 
Associate Professor Michael Dibley Indonesia, Laos
Professor Stewart Einfeld Laos
Professor Elizabeth Elliott Vietnam
Dr Murray Fisher Singapore
Dr Kirsty Foster Timor Leste, Vietnam
Professor Michael Frommer Vietnam
Professor Kerry Goulston Vietnam
Dr Jenny Green Singapore
Dr John Grootjans Singapore, Timor Leste
Professor Ronald Grunstein  
Professor John Hall  
Dr Kirsten Harley Indonesia
Dr Roger Harris Timor Leste
Dr Jane Hirst Vietnam
Associate Professor Andrew Holmes Indonesia
Dr Zakia Hossain Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Dr Cynthia Hunter Indonesia
Professor Heather Jeffery Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
Professor Cheryl Jones Indonesia, Malaysia
Associate Professor Ian Kerridge  
Dr Sabina Kleitman Singapore
Dr Monica Lahra Vietnam
Dr Andrew Leaver Philippines
Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Timor Leste, Thailand, Vietnam
Dr Martin Mackey Singapore
Ms Ros Madden Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Timor Leste, Thailand, Vietnam
Professor Richard Madden Singapore, Thailand
Giselle Manalo Philippines, Vietnam
Associate Professor Barend (Ben) Marais Indonesia
Associate Professor Lyn March Thailand, Vietnam
Professor Guy Marks Vietnam
Dr Andrea Marshall Timor Leste
Dr Tricia McCabe Philippines
Dr Annie McCluskey Philippines
Professor Peter McMinn Indonesia, Vietnam
Professor Steven Meikle Singapore
Associate Professor Wieland Meyer Thailand
Professor Jonathan Morris Vietnam
Mr Stuart Newman Singapore
Emeritus Professor Kim Oates Vietnam
Dr Kate O'Loughlin Singapore
Dr Philayrath Phongsavan Vietnam
Associate Professor Hans Pols Indonesia
Dr Anna Rangan Brunei
Professor Kathryn Refshauge Vietnam
Professor Bruce Robinson Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
Mr John Robinson Singapore
Associate Professor Kathryn Rose Singapore
Professor Chris Semsarian Cambodia
Professor Peter Sharp Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Dr Louise Shewan Cambodia
Professor Stephanie Short Indonesia
Dr Gomathi Sitharthan Burma
Professor Thiagarajan Sitharthan Burma
Professor Tania Sorrell Indonesia
Martin Thompson Malaysia
Professor Sally Tracy Vietnam
Associate Professor Lyndal Trevena Indonesia, Timor Leste
Professor Craig Veitch  
Professor Catherine Waldby Singapore
Professor Merriliyn Walton Indonesia, Vietnam
Professor Shih-Chang Wang  
Dr Nicholas West  
Associate Professor Sandra West Singapore
Professor Jill White Singapore, Vietnam
Associate Professor Bing Yu