State and society

This is an alphabetic list of our members involved in state and society research. To quickly find a member or country of interest, hold down Ctrl + F on a PC and Command + F on a Mac to bring up your browser's search function and type in a search word.

Names Countries of interest
Dr Mark Allon Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
Dr Tim Anderson Timor Leste 
Dr Susan Banki Burma,Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Dr Lynda Blanchard Timor Leste
Dr Simon Butt Indonesia, Malaysia 
Associate Professor Danielle Celermajer Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand 
Dr Fran Collyer Indonesia    
Professor Linda Connor Indonesia    
Dr Charlotte Epstein  
Dr Salim Farrar Indonesia, Malaysia
Dr Jane Ferguson Burma, Thailand
Associate Professor Michele Ford Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Timor Leste, Thailand
Professor Geoff Gallop  
Professor Gerard Goggin Singapore
Dr Justin Hastings Burma  Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
Dr Holly High Laos
Dr Zakia Hossain Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Dr Deidre Howard-Wagner Singapore, Vietnam
Professor Michael Humphrey Cambodia, Indonesia
Associate Professor Christine Inglis Singapore
Dr Fleur Johns Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Professor Peter King Indonesia
Professor David Kinley Burma, Thailand, Vietnam
Dr Wendy Lambourne Timor Leste
Associate Professor Jake Lynch ndonesia, Philippines
Professor Lenore Lyons Indonesia
Dr Tricia McCabe Philippines
Professor Sheelagh Singapore
Dr Erik Paul Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Timor Leste, Thailand, Vietnam
Pailin Phujeenaphan Thailand
Associate Professor Lily Rahim Malaysia, Singapore
Associate Professor Guy Redden Thailand
Professor Wojciech Sadurski Burma
Professor Ben Saul Thailand, Vietnam
Professor Peter Skilling Thailand
Professor Rod Tiffen Indonesia, Timor Leste      
Associate Professor Bronwyn Winter Philippines