Areas of strength

Our people work within five existing areas of strength to address real-world problems in Southeast Asia. Each of these areas of strength has distinguished researchers actively working either wholly or partly on Southeast Asian topics.

Economic and social development

Scholars working in this area span the disciplinary spectrum, from agriculture to anthropology and education to geosciences. They are also working across disciplinary boundaries to address important 21st century issues such as emergency management, food and other forms of human security, entrepreneurship and fair trade.

Environment and resources

Scholars in disciplines such as agriculture and geography are developing new insights into environmental and resources issues.


Academics in health sciences, medicine, nursing, psychology and public health are working to improve healthcare standards in the region. Anthropologists and other social scientists are also tackling the social impact of urgent health threats such as Avian Influenza.

Heritage and the arts

Scholars are pursuing new discoveries and deepening our understanding in disciplines that span archaeology to art history. We also tap into the expertise of linguists and humanities scholars who develop new insights into religion, literature and music.

State and society

Scholars in disciplines ranging from international relations to the philosophy of science are exploring new insights into politics, security and gender relations. Their work is complemented by that of interdisciplinary experts focusing on important issues such as human rights and peace and conflict studies.

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