SSEAC Grants 2015

We are pleased to announce that applications for Round Two of the SSEAC Grant Scheme are now open.

Applications close at 17.00, 25 September 2015.

SSEAC offers various grants to support engagement with Southeast Asia through:

Due dates



Value (number offered)

Due date


SSEAC Publication Grant

$3,000 (1)

25 September 2015

SSEAC Cluster Research Grant

$10,000 (5)

25 September 2015


SSEAC Sabbatical Visitor’s Fund

$4,000 (2)

25 September 2015

SSEAC Visiting PhD Scholar Fund

$3,000 (2)

25 September 2015

SSEAC Regional Mobility Fund

$1,000 for Australia/New Zealand; $2,000 for Regional (Southeast Asia); $3,000 for International (up to 10)

25 September 2015

SSEAC Conference Fund

$2,000 (5) for academic staff and $1,000 (5) for PhD students*

25 September 2015


SSEAC In-Country Language Training Initiative

$2,000 (2)

25 September 2015


SSEAC Schools Grant 

 $1,000 (5)

 25 September 2015

For further information, please consult the SSEAC Research Grant FAQ page.


SSEAC Publication Grant 2015-17

There are a number of scholars whose engagement in Southeast Asia is primarily through consultancy and outreach activities. Their work involves multiple field visits and close collaboration with institutions and individuals in the region, however the funding structure for these projects often does not include time and resources for the development of academic output. The SSEAC publication grants provide resources to help academics draw and build on their practical experiences in Southeast Asia to publish their applied research in an academic journal.

One SSEAC Publication Grant will be offered in Round Two, 2015, of up to $3,000 in value.

SSEAC Cluster Research Grant 2015-17

The purpose of the SSEAC Cluster Research Grant is to provide a pathway for new academic projects in/about Southeast Asia or for scholars who are engaging in the region for the first time. In addition to supporting new research initiatives, these grants offer an opportunity for experimenting with new research ideas and eliciting feedback on them from the SSEAC community.

The program provides grants of up to A$10,000 for use in 2015-17. Five Cluster Research Grants (one for each of SSEAC’s clusters) will be awarded in Round Two, 2015.


SSEAC Sabbatical Visitor’s Fund 2015-17

SSEAC is offering two international academics collaborating with a University of Sydney academic or academics funding to travel to Australia to spend their sabbatical leave at the University of Sydney. Nominees should be nominated by a member of the Centre stipulating the program of work that will be pursued at the University of Sydney, and detailing the outcomes and benefits.
During their visit, the Sabbatical Visitor will be interviewed for a website profile and asked to facilitate an interactive seminar for research students. Other more specialised workshops for academics would be welcome, depending on the scholar’s areas of focus.

In Round Two, 2015, SSEAC will offer up to two Sabbatical Visitor Grants, worth up to $4,000 each.

SSEAC Visiting PhD Scholar Fund 2015-17

SSEAC offers subsidies to up to two PhD students to travel to Australia to spend a period of their candidature at the University of Sydney. Applicants must identify an academic member of SSEAC to sponsor their visit. Additionally, they must provide a plan of what they are planning to do and what they hope to achieve during their time at the University of Sydney.

During their visit, the PhD students will be interviewed for a website profile, asked to present a seminar about their research and expected to participate in the activities of the SSEAC postgraduate community.

SSEAC Regional Mobility Fund 2015-17

SSEAC offers three categories of competitive grants for between $1,000 and $3,000 to facilitate research collaboration (existing or new) between SSEAC academic members and foreign academics. Up to ten mobility grants will be awarded in Round Two, 2015.

SSEAC Conference Fund 2015-17

SSEAC offers conference support to scholars and currently-enrolled PhD students presenting a paper on (a) a Southeast Asian topic at a quality international conference or (b) any topic at a conference in Southeast Asia. These funds may not be used in conjunction with support from sources other than the applicant’s own research account or personal funds.

In Round Two, 2015, SSEAC will provide up to five grants to academics worth $2,000 each and up to five grants to PhD students worth $1,000 each.


SSEAC In-country Language Training Initiative 2015-17

The purpose of the SSEAC Language Training Initiative is to subsidise course fees and accommodation for in-country language training (at least two weeks intensive). The program provides grants of $2000 for use between 2015-17. Up to two grants will be awarded in Round Two, 2015.


SSEAC Schools Grant 2015-16

As a part of SSEAC’s commitment to engaging in outreach programs to promote the study of Southeast Asia across Australia, we are offering five grants of $1000 to Australian schools wanting to improve student knowledge or engagement about Southeast Asia.

These grants are intended to fuel interest in Southeast Asia by introducing school students to aspects of Southeast Asian culture during their studies. By sparking interest at an early age, these grants will help build understanding between Australia and some of its closest neighbours, creating the foundations for ongoing long-term and meaningful relations.