Why go on exchange?

Students exploring rice fields in Thailand - Isabelle Whitehead

Students exploring rice fields in Thailand – Isabelle Whitehead

Whether or not you are studying about Southeast Asia, countries in this region are an ideal destination for Australian students. Here are some reasons why.

  • Distance: They are close by. Studying in Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia does not involve a long-haul 24-hour flight. You can be at your destination within eight hours.
  • You can study in English: In Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, international exchange students can nominate to study in English, so you can experience being a student in these countries even if you do not speak a Southeast Asian language.
  • Cost: Being a student in Southeast Asia is much cheaper than being a student in a Europe or the USA. For example, living expenses and airfares for students studying in Western Europe, the USA or Japan are estimated to cost between $12,000 and $15,000 per semester. In contrast, a semester in Indonesia through the ACICIS program costs you less than $8000, leaving you plenty of extra cash to explore other countries in the region while you are there.