Call for panelists -- April 2013

Several of the people proposing panels for the 12th International Conference on Thai Studies in 2014 have asked us to help in publicising their proposals. Each has asked us, specifically, to invite other people to join her/his panel.

If you would like to present a paper within any of the panels listed please feel free to propose a paper. You may discuss a possible presentation by email with the proposer. If you decide to join a panel please notify and submit the paper on the Conference website. The panels for which we are issuing this invitation are (in no particular order):

  1. Rebellions and Borders at the Turn of the Twentieth Century, proposed by of the Australian national University
  2. Communities and Environments, proposed by of the University of New South Wales
  3. Rural Youth, Generation, and Agrarian Transformation, proposed by of The University of Sydney
  4. Methodologies in Borderland Studies: Case Studies of Neighbouring Countries and Thai borderlands, proposed by
  5. Music (in particular ‘the various ways in which the various [genres of] Thai music negotiate the borders between local and global cultures’), proposed by
  6. Pai Nai Ma: The World of Thai/Tai Diaspora, proposed by
  7. Observing Nature in Thailand: The Social History of Birders and Other Naturalists, proposed by
    In 1937 Tom Harrison co-founded Mass-Observation, which became an important social survey organization in the UK. Harrison had observed birds in the UK and New Guinea and tried to apply some of the same methods of observation while collecting a mass of data about people in the UK. This panel invites studies of how nature is being observed in Thailand and of the crossover of the techniques of the natural and social sciences with those being employed in natural history (frequently by amateurs).
  8. Transnational Environments, Activism and Sovereignty, proposed by .
  9. The Significance and Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community, to be moderated by .

There are many fascinating perspectives on subjects like ‘Communities and Environments’ and the Thai/Tai diapora; and the Organising Committee anticipate that many intending participants may want to take the opportunity to contribute papers to the discussions.