Call for expressions of interest in roundtables

Three roundtables have been proposed to date.

  1. Teaching Thailand: critical teaching about Thailand and critical pedagogy for social change within Thailand, Bruce Missingham.
    This panel aims to create a forum for educators within Thailand, and educators who teach about Thailand, to share and reflect on our teaching strategies and pedagogy, and discuss and debate the roles of education in social change in Thailand. Download more details here.
    If you are interested please contact Bruce Missingham, with copy to , and submit your letter to the Conference website.
  2. Violence and insurrection in the deep South of Thailand. It is not yet clear whether this topic would better be treated in a roundtable or a panel.
    The Organising Committee was initially inclined to call for expressions of interest in joining a roundtable. Very recently a proposal for a panel has been submitted by Daungyewa Utarasint (who proposed the title ‘Evolving Dynamics of Political Participation and the 'Peace Process' in Thailand's Restive South’ and is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University), with the request that we help in calling for panelists. The Organising Committee welcomes feedback.
    Please discuss the roundtable/panel with and contact with your suggestions.
  3. Remembering Pattana Kitiarsa, Pinkaew Laungagramsri with Paritta Chalermpao-ko-anantakul, Yukti Mukdavijitra and Niti Pawakpan.
    Please contact with your ideas.