Panel proposals submitted

Updated 11 June 2013

The following are the panels which have been proposed for inclusion in the 12th International Conference on Thai Studies. You may be interested in presenting a paper within one or another of these panels. If you are, please feel free to contact the proposer concerned, with a copy to , and submit your letter also to the Conference secretariat through the website.

Of course, you may be planning to present an individual paper on a quite different topic. The original Call for Papers emphasised certain themes; but at the same time the Organising Committee stressed that papers on quite different themes would also be welcome. Offers of individual papers are due by September 1st, 2013.

The panels are listed below alphabetically in order of proposer’s family name.

  1. Thai Words and the World: Translation to and from Thai, proposed by Chris Baker, to be moderated by Pasuk Phongpaichit, with Baker and two other panelists
    Koraya Techawongstein
    Kulyanee Jongjairuksa
  2. Language Acquisition in Thai: Current Knowledge, Challenges and Issues, proposed by Denis Burnham and Chutamanee Onsuwan
    Contacts: ;
  3. The Significance and Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community, moderated by Gavan Butler, with two panelists to date and others to be announced - see separate notice
    Chris Baker
    Peter Warr
  4. The Royal Succession and Thailand's Democracy, proposed by Pavin Chachavalpongpun, with seven other panelists,
    Charnvit Kasetsiri
    Andrew Walker
    Puangthong R Pawakapan
    David Streckfuss
    Federico Ferrara
    Andrew McGregor Marshall
    Patrick Jory
  5. Buddhocentrism: Intellectuality and Materiality, proposed by Thanom Chapakdee, with two other panelists
    Thanes Wongyannava
    Arhit Mulsarn
  6. Thai Art in Global Flows: The Construction of Thai Identity and Its Others, proposed by Thanavi Chotpradit, with seven other panelists, in a panel spanning two sessions
    Chatri Prakitnonthakan
    Eksuda Singhalampong
    Vipash Purichanont
    Veluree Metaveevinij
    Clare Veal
    Simon Soon
    Chomchon Fusinpaiboon
  7. Thailand’s Party Politics Today: Development or Decay, proposed by Paul Chambers, with three other panelists
    Napisa Waitoolkiat
    Chalermpol Chamchan
    Nithi Nuangjamnong
  8. Charismatic Monks of Yuan, proposed by Paul Cohen, with six other panelists
    Amporn Jirrattikorn
    Katherine Bowie
    Mikael Gravers
    Tatsuki Kataoka
    Kwanchewan Buadaeng
    Wasan Panyagaew
    Shigehara Tanabe
  9. Tai (outside Thailand) in a Globalising World, proposed by Anan Ganjanapan, with four other panelists
    Achariya Choowonglert
    Amporn Jiratikorn
    Aranya Siriphon
    Wasan Panyagaew
  10. The State, Violence and the Unspeakable in Thailand, proposed by Tyrell Haberkorn, with other panelists to be announced
  11. Screen Cultures, Sexualities and the Thai Body (Politic), proposed by Rachel Harrison with five other panelists
    Brett Farmer
    Chanokporn Chutikamoltham
    Art Mitchells-Urwin
    Arnika Fuhrmann
    Atit Pongphanit
  12. Thai Queer and Trans Studies, proposed by Peter Jackson, with other panelists to be announced
  13. Thailand and the Muslim World, proposed by Chris Joll, with four other panelists
    Numan Haji Samae
    Iyas Yahprang
    Muhammad Arafat bin Mohamed
    Winyu Ardrugsa
  14. Thinking Womanhood: Cultural Politicised Subject of Gender in Thai Society, proposed by Samek Kosem, with four other panelists to be announced
  15. The Socio-Political Aspects of Film Genres after 1997, proposed by Pasoot Lasuka, with at least two other panelists
    Natawan Wongchalad
    Natanai Prasarnnam
  16. Transforming Thailand’s Political Landscape: A Critical Review, proposed by Pinkaew Laungaramsri, with seven other panelists, in a panel spanning three sessions
    Apichat Sathitniramai
    Wanwiphang Manachotphong
    Yukti Mukdawajitra
    Viengrat Nethipo
    Jakkrit Sangkhamanee
    Niti Pawakapan
    Anusorn Unno
  17. Methodologies in Borderland Studies: Case Studies of Neighbouring Countries and Thai Borderlands, proposed by Busarin Lertchawalitsakul (with others presently being sought –see separate notice)
  18. Pai Nai Ma: The World of Thai/Tai Diaspora, proposed by Amarjiva Lochan, with the involvement of at least four other panelists (and therefore possibly spanning two consecutive sessions) – see separate notice
    Sophana Srichampa
    Niki Papageorgiou
    Simona Ferraro,
    Sangeeta Gogoi
  19. Borders, Boundaries and Frontiers: Life at the Edge, proposed by Chris Lyttleton, with five other panelists, in a panel spanning two sessions
    Jim Glassman
    Matt Yoxall
    Sverre Molland
    Peter Vail
    Decha Tangseefa
  20. Observing Nature in Thailand: The Social History of Birders and Other Naturalists, proposed by Stig Toft Madsen, with other panelists to be announced
  21. Music, proposed by James Mitchell, details forthcoming
  22. Democratisation and the Dynamic Perception Towards Governance and Democracy in Thailand, proposed by Buapun Promphakpin, with two other panelists
    Titipol Phakdeewanich
    Wattana Sukunsil
  23. Communities and Environments, proposed by Daniel Robinson and Robert Fisher, (with others presently being sought –see separate notice)
  24. Rural Youth, Generation, and Agrarian Transformation, proposed by Soimart Rungmanee, (with others presently being sought –see separate notice)
  25. The Incarceration of the Native: Revisiting Thailand’s National Integration of Ethnic ‘Others’, proposed by Mukdawan Sakboon, with other panelists yet to be announced
  26. Other Politics in Post-Coup Thailand, proposed by Aim Sinpeng, with four other panelists
    Prajak Kongkirati
    Eli Elinoff
    Serhat Unaldi
    Doug Olthof
  27. Transnationalised Isan, proposed by Watcharee Srikham, with three other panelists
    Pinwadee Srisupan
    Kanokwan Manorom
    Surasom Krisnachuta
  28. Engaged but Not Committed: Examining Thailand’s Engagement with the Global Community, proposed by Anusorn Unno, with
    Benjarat Zac-chua
    Atchara Rakyutidham
    Chalita Bundhuwong
  29. Evolving Dynamics of Political Participation and the 'Peace Process' in Thailand's Restive South, proposed by Daungyewa Utarasint –see separate notice
  30. Transnational Environments, Activism and Sovereignty, proposed by Peter Vandergeest
  31. Rebellions and Borders at the Turn of the 29th Century (Case Studies from the Thai-Tai frontiers with Malay, Burmese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer Worlds), proposed by Andrew Walker, (with others presently being sought –see separate notice)
  32. Thailand and Globalising Health, proposed by Andrea Whittaker, with other panelists yet to be announced

Please note that abstracts submitted by the proposers will be put up on the website as soon as all of them have been clarified