After semester

After semester

Even when you reach the end of the teaching period, your tasks as coordinator are still not quite over...

In this section you will find information on issues or tasks that follow after your classes are finished for the semester.

Now is the time when you will not only be marking and processing results, but you may also have students applying for special consideration and supplementary exams or other forms of assessment.

You will also be managing evaluation of your unit and considering ways to incorporate this evaluation into the next version of your unit of study.

In some cases you may be advising students on pathways towards the attainment of their degree, the possibility of honours or further study, or the requirements for specific professional qualifications. It is often part of the role of a first year coordinator to guide students on topics or units of study available in the following semester or year, in order to open doors for them to pursue their areas of interest and, ultimately, their chosen career.

Handing over the unit of study to another coordinator

If this is the final time that you will be teaching the unit, and someone else will be taking over from you next year, then it is a good idea to arrange a formal handover.

This is an opportunity to share learning materials, teaching experiences, evaluation outcomes and any other important information about the UoS. In this way expertise is not wasted and those new to the task will have a strong foundation from which to work.

Although the handover may not occur for some months, if you organise your materials while all the information is fresh in your mind, it should make the process efficient and straightforward.