Practical preparation

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Practical tasks involved in preparing the unit of study include:

  • Reading materials
    Preparing course notes and readers, ordering textbooks, reserving library texts.
  • Timetables & venues
    Information on preparing timetables and organising the right venues for your classes.
  • Budgeting
    If you need to prepare a budget for teaching the unit of study, this page contains helpful information.

Consultation and office hours

Students need to know when you are available in your office for consultations. It is best to set regular hours for consultations during the semester – usually at least two hours per week. If you are coordinating a large class, it can be helpful to set extra hours during the busiest weeks for general enquiries: Weeks One and Two.

Display consultation times prominently near your office, and advise students through the unit of study outline and website, and in your ‘welcome’ emails.

Equipment checklist

The equipment you will require for classes – for example, data projectors, computers, laboratory equipment, etc. – may determine the venue you need to book. If you are not able to book a room with the equipment you need, you may be able to borrow it through your local precinct officer or through ICT Audio Visual Services.

Once you have booked the venue and before classes commence for the semester, it is a good idea to:

Practical preparation
  • have a look at all the information and support available through ICT Audio Visual Services,
  • visit the venue and check that the equipment you need is functioning well,
  • make sure, if you or your tutors are using laptops, that the correct device for connecting with the data projector is available in the room you have booked.

If you want to provide your students with a recording of your lectures, check out the section on lecture recording on the ICT Audio Visual Services site.

ICT help
If there are any problems with equipment or appropriate technology, call the number noted on the lectern or near the phone in your classroom, or contact the ICT helpdesk.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

As coordinator of a Unit of study you will need to not only be aware of the OH&S procedures for your department and for the buildings you teach in, but also make sure that your teaching team and students are aware of them too.