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Orientation and inductions for new staff

group support

Learning Solutions presents a regular University-wide Orientation seminar which is open to all new staff members. If the current course is full you can contact Learning Solutions to express your interest in attending the next available course.

In addition, your faculty, school or department may also have an orientation or induction session to introduce new staff to your area. Contact your Head of Department for more information.

Depending on the facilities and equipment used in your department, you may also need to undergo an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) induction. See the OHS section, below, for more information.

Negotiating administrative support

If you are new to the task of coordinating a unit of study (UoS), it is worthwhile talking to your school’s administrative manager to find out to what admin staff can do to support you in your role.

The kind of work that admin staff can assist with will vary from faculty to faculty and within specific schools or departments. Support may include:

  • collecting assessment tasks. Some areas have a ‘drop box’ where all students submit their assignments and essays. Admin staff clear these boxes for teaching staff. If this is the case in your area, be sure to let your admin colleagues know your assessment deadlines.
  • assistance with your eLearning site. Administrative or professional staff colleagues in your faculty may be available to help you with some aspects of developing your eLearning site, such as the application to activate process or even the site design and educational content development. This support would complement the assistance available centrally through Sydney eLearning.
  • timetabling and room booking. Your admin team may advise and assist you with timetabling classes and with casual and semester room bookings.
  • accessing student transcripts and up-to-date contact information
  • arranging or advising on IT set-up, keys and access cards, unikey and staff ID card, and so on
  • help with processing and submitting results. Check to see if your faculty has online results processing, or some other standardised method, and see if admin staff can help you in learning to use the system. Make sure to do this early in the semester, so that you are able to record results in the appropriate format and system as soon as your first assessment task is marked.

Working with a disability

When it comes to accommodating individual students with a disability in your UoS, you may need some help and advice. Your faculty will have a Faculty Student Disability Officer, whom you can contact for assistance.

The Disability Services website has information for staff teaching students with a disability, including advice on teaching strategies and a staff toolkit.

Occupational health and safety

As coordinator of a Unit of study, you will need to not only be aware of the OHS procedures for your department and for the buildings you teach in, but also make sure that your teaching team and students are aware of them too.

OHS in classes
  • Start by having a look at the OHS Checklist for Staff as well as the information for Emergency roles and responsibilities: Persons in Charge of Classes and for People with Disabilities.
  • If your area or department uses hazardous materials or equipment, you will need to undergo an OHS induction, particularly if you are teaching students who will be using these. This will be organized by your local OHS officer.
  • In case of incidents, make a note of who the OHS officer is for your area, and the nearest alternative, should that person be unavailable.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the OHS information on what to do in an emergency as well as the emergency procedures for any buildings you work or teach in.
  • Riskware is an online system for reporting injuries, incidents and hazards. For more information on reporting see the OHS website.
  • You can enrol for specific OHS training course via the links on the OHS training page.

Harassment and discrimination

If you consider that you have been harassed or discriminated against by a staff member or student, there are a number of measures in place at the University to support you.

A good place to start is the Student Affairs Unit.

The University’s Harassment and Discrimination Prevention policy and Resolution procedures provides clear guidelines on the University’s expectations of the conduct of staff, students and affiliates, and procedures for resolving issues.

The University’s expectations of staff in regard to workplace bullying are detailed in the Workplace Bullying Prevention Policy and Resolution Procedure.

sport and wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

  • The University Health Service offers a full, experienced and confidential general practitioner service and emergency medical care to all members of the University Community.
  • The University's OHS site provides tips on self-help for Mental wellbeing.
  • "Manage stress and improve wellbeing", compiled by Julia Adams for Learning Solutions, provides a wealth of tips and techniques for helping you to deal with ongoing stress.
  • If there is sufficient interest, Learning Solutions will provide a 3 hour workshop to further assist you in managing stress and supporting wellbeing. If you would be interested in participating please register your details with them and they will contact you when further information is available.

Flexible Working arrangements

The University offers a range of flexible working arrangements to help you balance work and personal commitments. If you are the parent of young children, there is also a Parent’s Network support group which meets regularly. See the Work & Family Flexibility website for more details.

Sport and Fitness

Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness provides plenty of opportunities for you to keep fit and relieve stress, with activities for all fitness levels. They also offer school holiday programs for your children.

Staff Support through Human Resources

The Human Resources unit provides a wide range of additional information and links on their staff support page. Find information here about the confidential staff counselling service, as well as about dispute resolution, preventing and responding to bullying at work and managing ill health and injury.

Human Resources also provide a Change Management Guide detailing the processes and support mechanisms the University has implemented for managing any changes within the workplace.