Support for coordinators


Occasionally your role as a coordinator may feel quite daunting. In addition to your own teaching work, and your role in leading your teaching team, you also have the challenge of providing appropriate support for your students as well as administrative demands to juggle.

While there is quite a lot of support available to you across the University, information about these is spread across a number of web pages, and may be quite difficult to find if you are new to the University. This section of the site is designed to bring together a collection of ideas and links to services in the University that we hope you’ll find helpful.

For some general links to useful information see our feature panel on the right.

Our pages on practical support and wellbeing, as well as peer, professional and technical support, are designed as quick reference guides to a range of services and support that will assist you in your role.

These include:

Practical support & well-being

Orientation & inductions
Administrative support
Working with a disability
Harassment and discrimination
Flexible working arrangements
Sport, Fitness and Health
Staff Support

Peer support

Staff mentoring
Peer review of teaching
Informal get-togethers

Professional development

Promotions, awards, grants and other funding
Professional development courses
Working effectively with colleagues
Equal Opportunity

Technical support

Technologies that support your teaching
Equipment in teaching venues
Technical support during semester
Recording your lecture
Your eLearning site
Technical training