Support for students

Understanding student needs in the first year

Student support

From the time a student enters university until their graduation they undergo a ‘learning journey’ that will likely transform many aspects of their life and thinking. As coordinator of a unit you may only see that student for a small part of that time, and yet the quality of their interactions with you will have some impact on their overall experience and their perception of the University.

The University of Southern Queensland’s Learning and Teaching site has summarised the 'Student Learning Journey’ as a series of interactions that the student undertakes over their period of study, with the quality of these having a direct impact on the student’s success in their studies.

You could think of all the topics included in our Support for students section as discussion and tips on ways that you, as coordinator, can enhance the learning experience of each of your students at the University of Sydney.

For information on how to give effective feedback to students during the semester see Feedback during semester.

A valuable part of studying at university is the students’ sense they are part of a learning community.

There are still many issues related to transition the students will face as the semester progresses.

For suggestions on how to help students who may be struggling with study challenges see our section on Academic difficulties.

For an overview of the broad range of services designed to support students at the University go to the page on Student support services.