Student support services

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Student support, student centred learning & your unit of study

As a first year unit of study (UoS) coordinator, it is really worthwhile to spend a bit of time looking at student support services to get a sense of what’s available.

Coordinators are responsible for integrating support into the curriculum as part of student-centred learning. It is a good idea to provide links to essential student services in your UoS outline.

Student support services

The support offered by the University’s Student Services falls into four main categories:

  • academic
  • employment
  • financial
  • health & welfare.
Student support services

They cater to a broad variety of student needs which include help with study issues, assistance with finding a job, information on scholarships and emergency loans, an accommodation service, bulk-billed GP and emergency health care, information on childcare services, assistance for international students, and so on.

Some core services are listed below. See the Student Services website for information about all the services offered to students.

Core support services for students

Counselling and Psychological Services
Free and confidential counselling is available to help students achieve their academic and personal goals.

The Careers Centre
Services provided by the Careers Centre for students include workshops and events to assist them in job search skills, planning careers, and so on.

International Office
Student Advisers at the International office provide support to international students on academic, enrolment, scholarship and student visa issues.

Supporting students- Koori centre

The Koori Centre
The Koori Centre provides programs, services and facilities to encourage and support the involvement of Indigenous Australians in all aspects of tertiary education at the University.

Disability Services
Disability Services is the principal point of contact and support for current and prospective students with disabilities and works closely with others in the administration and academic departments of the University. Students requiring any sort of assistance due to disabilities should be directed to Disability Services.

The Students' Representatives Council (SRC)
The SRC is run by students and provides a number of services to students including confidential advice, caseworkers and solicitors, secondhand books, emergency loans, etc. The SRC representatives in your Faculty are also a point of liaison between staff and students.

Other student services

Student Affairs Unit
Student Affairs administers student appeals and provides advice to staff and students on all aspects of appeals, misconduct and plagiarism. They also advise students on academic progression requirements and support through their Student Academic Progression site and Staying on Track information sessions.