Teaching with others

Teaching with others

As a unit of study (UoS) coordinator, in addition to your own teaching commitments, your role during the semester is to lead others teaching within your unit to ensure:

  • there is consistency in quality, content, and broad teaching and learning objectives across the team
  • that others teaching in the unit are recognized, valued, supported and informed
  • that the learning experience of all students in the unit is equitable.

Your team members, whether tutors, demonstrators or fellow lecturers, will all have diverse contact with students and make a variety of contributions to their learning experiences within the unit. Encourage them to communicate well with you and with each other, through organised meetings as well as through informal channels, as this assists in developing your UoS and providing the most effective learning experience for your students.

If you are leading a team of sessional staff, see our section on Working with sessional staff.

If you are team teaching or service teaching, see our section on Working with colleagues.

For an overview of preparing your teaching team before semester begins, see Leading a teaching team.