Our approach

This project is being managed by a project team based in Web and Print Production, with the support of a steering committee, a content development team, a subject matter expert reference group, and a pool of users for testing.

We are following an established methodology with the support of a leading intranet and digital workplace consultancy, Step Two Designs. An iterative development process is being employed, with extensive user testing at critical points.

The intranet represents a philosophical change in our approach to developing web content. It will not be a site that is delivered fully then left (set and forget). It will continue to build and evolve, capitalising on technological advances and being responsive to changing user needs.

The following principles are underpinning the development:

  • content will be structured by topic and audience, not by organisational unit
  • staff requirements will drive decisions
  • it must offer a better staff experience than the current site
  • it will be intuitive and easy to navigate
  • it will be simple in design and structure
  • it will be useful, not just usable.