Project scope and update

Project scope

The first release of the intranet is on 10 April 2013 and will include:

  • a visually distinctive design that embodies the University brand
  • a new topic-based content structure including new tabs and menus
  • fully revised content across the following topics areas: University strategy and projects, people and departments, marketing, finance, human resources and campus services
  • new departmental profiles, including key contacts, for administrative areas
  • clearer page layouts and design, based on standard templates
  • clearer navigation to applications and forms
  • improved search functionality
  • notices and leadership messages
  • staff-focused University news, both functional and general interest.

This will provide a foundation on which new content and functionality can continue to be developed and added. Phase 2 will be delivered six months later and include the remaining content from the University-wide services areas, as well as features for University-wide and local collaboration. From here, the intranet will function as business as usual but retain a model of delivering new or refreshed content continuously, and functionality every six months.

Project update

  • Project plan and scope developed (complete)
  • Content approach determined (complete)
  • Information architecture drafted, including user testing (complete)
  • Editing (complete)
  • Visual design drafted (incl. user testing)
  • Web development