Institutional Analytics and Planning

Institutional Analytics and Planning (IAP) is the trusted University data reporting centre providing crucial insights, cross-faculty collaboration and accurate reporting to facilitate data-driven decision-making. Our goal is to centralise and integrate data sources and reporting systems, removing the need for siloed information and duplication of manual analysis.


IAP strives for:

Effective partnerships and collaboration

Our aim is to enable a data-driven decision-making culture based on centralised, integrated data sources and reporting systems.

Our staff work closely with many central portfolios including:

  • Registrar (particularly Sydney Student, the Student Centre and Student Recruitment and Admissions)
  • Education, Research and Indigenous Strategy and Services portfolios
  • Professional Services Units (Finance, ICT, Human Resources and Campus Infrastructure Services)

End-to-end leadership

We ensure the University is provided with robust academic and financial plans and processes.

IAP manages these core processes:

  • Strategic processes – The work of IAP underpins many of the strategic planning processes within the University, including forecasting, modelling, new course development, organisational hierarchy changes and management of UniForum benchmarking. IAP is also responsible for end-to-end leadership in reporting and analytics and the data governance strategies for the University.
  • Student fee, load and course planning including fee market analysis.
  • Government reporting – IAP ensures that the University complies with government regulatory obligations for funding and reporting.

Seamless delivery with meaningful insights

The suite provides capabilities that deliver enhanced data capabilities and expertise via business intelligence (BI) systems. These systems provide data-driven insights using a variety of internal and external sources.

IAP Insights  provides improved ability for functional teams to leverage integrated data from a single source of truth to solve specific data challenges via three intuitive platforms:

  • IAP Insights Hub – The Hub is a centralised BI data centre providing access to available University data with visualisation and analytics capabilities, intuitive discovery tools and interactive dashboards.
  • Persona based dashboards – Persona based dashboards provide a balanced suite of relevant information to key user groups’ interests, needs and tasks. The Hub houses the dashboards, which provide a number of drill-down tools to access deeper analysis.
  • Modular dashboards – Modular dashboards have the functionality to provide deeper access to specific subcategory requests. The Hub also houses the modular dashboards.


The department provides training, support and development for the BI and analytics platforms. We also support data discovery and visualisation functions. We are a thriving one-stop-data-shop with helpful tools and information sharing capabilities to assist University staff in making informed decisions.


By leveraging current and emerging technologies, IAP promotes data discovery, analytics, and innovation at the University of Sydney.


IAP – a trusted partner recognised for quality, reliability and innovation