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  • Discipline Group/Field of Education Classification (ASCED codes):
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  • Allocation of Fields of Education (ASCED codes) to Funding Clusters and Student Contribution Amounts:
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  • Indexed rates for CSP Student Contribution, CGS Commonwealth Contribution, FEE-HELP limit, Maximum OS-HELP amount, Maximum SA-HELP fee, Minimum indicative course fees for fee-paying overseas students:
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  • MyUniversity
    (Search for and compare comprehensive information about Australian universities. Find information about teaching and learning performance, including results from the student satisfaction and graduate outcomes surveys)
  • uCube
    (Multiple dimensional cube allowing customised queries on selected higher education micro data collected through the Higher Education Student and Staff collections)
  • Statistics Publications
    (Pre-formatted spreadsheets prepared from the data collected through the Higher Education Statistics Collection)
  • HEIMS Help
    (for information about the student and staff reporting requirements)
  • Study Assist
    (Student information about Australian Government assistance for financing tertiary study)

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