Strategic Information and Business Intelligence (SIBI)

SIBI Program

SIBI is an institution-wide business intelligence (BI) initiative managed by the Planning and Information Office (PIO) and scheduled to conclude in December 2016.

It transforms the rich data available within the University into meaningful information for strategic decision making purposes. It also provides improved scenario analysis and other complex trend analyses.

SIBI reporting

SIBI provides senior University staff with interactive reports and analyses at institutional and faculty/school levels.

Reports are available for a number of different modules or functional areas within the University including Research, Load and revenue tracking and Students and courses. Data is presented through intuitive and user friendly formats such as graphs, charts and tables and use drill down capability to enable further interrogation of the data.

To see a list of current and future modules, please click here.

SIBI benefits

Eliminating duplication and increasing effectiveness and efficiency

  • Real time access to source data, e.g. IRMA and Talent2, allowing more effective analysis and cross-faculty, multi school, and multi FoR reporting.
  • A single set of reports for managing and monitoring student enrolments and load, tracking student revenue against budget and student diversity.

Support of performance reporting at multiple levels within the University

  • Performance metrics for institutional and faculty indicators are available through the SIBI KPI dashboard.
  • The first KPI dashboard was introduced during June 2014. The module will be redeveloped throughout 2014 to include additional data and metrics.

Create a consistent, consolidated and cross-functional environment

  • SIBI reporting standards and business processes can be and are being adopted by other operational reporting environments, e.g. Sydney Student.
  • During 2014 a Data Governance Strategy providing a consistent approach to organisational hierarchies, organisational structures, data quality management and accountability for systems and data ownership is being rolled out aross the University.

Providing timely and consistent reports to support decision making

  • Providing valuable data and reporting across a number of key University functional areas, e.g. Research, HR Leave Management and Student diversity.

Further information

For further information about the SIBI Program, or to request access to SIBI SharePoint or the SIBI Wiki, please .