Strategic Information and Business Intelligence (SIBI)

SIBI Program

SIBI is a business intelligence (BI) platform developed by the University of Sydney to deliver meaningful information for reporting and decision-making.

SIBI is currently managed by the Planning and Information Office (PIO) as a program and will transition into an operational state during 2017.

SIBI reporting

SIBI reporting is available for a number of different modules or functional areas within the University including Research, Load and Revenue tracking and Students and Courses.

To see a list of current and future modules, please click here.

SIBI benefits

  • Access to key University information via a single source to support decision making - Real time access to source data, e.g. IRMA and Talent2, allowing more effective analysis and cross-faculty, multi school, and multi Field of Research (FoR) reporting.
  • Support for performance reporting at multiple levels within the University - Reports for managing and monitoring the University's performance across a number of key areas, e.g. institutional and faculty indicators, student enrolments and load and research publications.
  • Consistent, consolidated and cross-functional environment - SIBI reporting standards and business processes can be and are being adopted by other operational reporting environments, e.g. Sydney Student and HR.

Further information

For further information about the SIBI Program, please contact the on

General information about the SIBI Program is available via the SIBI Yammer group.