SIBI education material

Known issues impacting SIBI modules

To download a fact sheet listing known issues impacting SIBI modules including the status of each issue click here.

Web browser and product recommendations for using SIBI

To download a fact sheet listing SIBI-compatible web browsers and Adobe and Microsoft products recommended by Oracle click here.

How to get access to SIBI modules

SIBI access is determined on a module-by-module basis and is provided to staff as it relates to their individual responsibilities and delegations. To download a fact sheet around how to request access to new modules, click here.

How to create effective dashboards

A dashboard is an online interface which consolidates and presents key information on a single screen so it can be monitored and understood at-a-glance. To download a fact sheet around how to create high-impact and user-friendly dashboards in SIBI click here.

How to interpret trellis charts in SIBI

Trellis charts provide a different way to display complex University data in SIBI. To download a fact sheet around how to correctly interpret these charts in the KPI dashboard click here.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The current KPI dashboard is the first formal publication of KPIs through SIBI and represents the initial step in establishing an agreed set of institutional metrics. For further information, cliick here.