Objectives and Drivers

Program Objectives

  • Improved students experience via a consistent, seamless relationship with the University.
  • Deliver for students a structured system design that provides them with flexibility around their learning outcomes while still reinforcing faculty requirements
  • Improved staff experience via a consistent framework for staff that will enable them to make clear decisions, reduce risks and spend more time on valuable activities.

Program Drivers

  • Replace FlexSIS and numerous independent satellite technical solutions. Sydney Student will be the centralised repository of the student record.
  • Reduce the risks of inaccurate and inconsistent student data by improving data quality and developing a central source of truth for all student administrative information.
  • Increase staff satisfaction by developing an efficient means of managing simple administrative tasks thereby freeing staff time to focus on more valuable and complex activities.
  • Reduce risk, and duplication of effort, by creating a consistent framework for staff across the University.
  • Streamline external reporting procedures.