Access, log in and support

Apply for access

Your level of access to Sydney Student will be determined by the tasks you perform. Most staff members will access a personal and online Sydney Student portal. A limited number of staff members will access the desktop application, known as the Sydney Student client.

To apply for access:

Log in

You can log in to your Sydney Student Staff Portal using your UniKey and password. You can also log in from the University’s Staff and Careers page. Approved staff members will access the Sydney Student client as a desktop application.

Requesting additional Sydney Student access

You can request additional e:vision access (or Client access) within Sydney Student. There is a link at the bottom of the main page of your Sydney Student portal where you can request to change the system functionality that you have. When you request access, your request goes to a person who can approve your request. This 'tiered system' is used to manage your access.

This system has three 'tiers':

  • Tier 1 staff can request additional e:vision access, or ask to have access to the Client. Tier 1 staff can send their access request within Sydney Student to a Tier 2 approver - please see the Quick Reference Guide available for Tier 1 staff.
  • Tier 2 staff receive this access request, and can modify the request based on the Tier 1 staff member's job role. The Tier 2 staff member then forwards this request to the Student Centre.
  • Tier 3 staff are members of the Student Centre System Support team, who can facilitate the Tier 1 staff member's system access based on input from the Tier 2 staff member.


When you start using Sydney Student you can:

  • register for ongoing face-to-face training - the Student Centre Training team facilitates this training
  • explore the Knowledge Centre for interactive training on various parts of Sydney Student
  • speak to ICT for technical support, enhancement requests or to report a problem
    P 16000
  • speak to Student Centre Systems Support for questions about using Sydney Student:
    P 78227