Release 2 Information

Release 2 is designed to provide the system solution to support redesigned business processes, as defined and delivered by the Administration Services Program.

Release 2 is focussed will provide improvements to the existing Sydney Student modules currently in production.

The release will implement a more logical flow of information and tasks for users, removing unnecessary system steps and providing useful functionality e.g. the ability to upload and view supporting documentation.

Process improvements include the following areas:

  • Future Student Enquiries coursework and research
  • Applications
  • Application Management, including non award
  • Domestic Offer Acceptance
  • UAC Campaigning
  • Agent Portal
  • Interviews and Auditions
  • Credit request with course application*
  • Inclusive offers#
  • UAC scholarships#
  • UAC Management

* Interim processes will be in place for release 2 until the to be processes for release 3 are implemented

# BAU process will continue in the short term