Release 1 information

Release 1 is a ‘quick wins’ release implemented to provide fixes and enhancements to the Sydney Recruitment and Admission modules. Release 1 went live on September 23, 2013.

The functionality implemented in this release will be used by staff members who process applications in e:Vision.

A summary of the key changes are listed below:

  • An upgraded report (APP007) for extracting application-related information
  • The addition of ‘Change Faculty’ functionality for use in processing cross faculty applications
  • Update to the duplicate matching functionality
  • Enhancement to the application form document upload process.

Specific changes were implemented that provide benefits for ICT Helpdesk and staff processing either enquiries or applications:

  1. Security enhancements to user’s single sign-on links; and
  2. Modifications to provide consistency when completing a password reset

Release 1 'snapshot'

Release 1 information

Support Resources

To find out more about Release 1, view the user support resources below.

Session title Video Other materials Presenter
Release 1 General Information Session See thumbnail image Release 1 user guide Allan Owens
APP007 Applicant Offer Report Session See thumbnail image See Release 1 user guide Allan Owens

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