Current Partner School Testimonials

Glenwood Public School

Glenwood Public School

Part of the gift of our STEM project was our desire to extend ourselves out of the school grounds and into the real world. We kept hearing ‘real world experience ‘ at the professional development course and it resonated deep within us. STEM needs an authentic connection with community. It needs to have a result that will ripple beyond the school grounds. With the support of our STEM Academy mentor and our principal we were encouraged to pursue our relationship with the local nursing home. For us, the deep bond that developed out of this relationship was the drive the kids needed to work towards solving a problem and being engaged in the design process. The problem identified in STEM needs to be born from desire, whatever the topic, it provides the agency needed for those involved.

Kate Weeitch, Shweta Mudaliar and Charmaine Harper
Glenwood STEM Team

James Sheahan Catholic College

James Sheahan Catholic College

One of the aims of being part of the STEM Academy program was to provide teachers with opportunities to work with other faculties in the hope of gaining extra knowledge, and skills to make real change in their classroom teaching. By this I mean exposing teachers to work collaboratively not only within their own faculties but crossover with other faculties. Ideas need to somehow make students more accountable for their own learning - real world problems that have consequences.


Nana Glen Public School

Nana Glen PS

That is what we have found through the University of Sydney’s STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy: how to change practice so that students’ were immersed in rich learning opportunities. These took them into wider learning environments within themselves, the class, the school and the community. Students were taught: How to cooperate to meet a common goal; how to be resilient when their ideas were not used by the group or met with failure; how to face a challenge and look for - Well that didn’t work, what next? These are all values and attitudes we teach but we found that the STEM project provided a rational platform to base the importance of communication, teamwork, challenge, resilience and problem solving.

Tasymn Lessels
Assistant Principal, Nana Glen Public School

St Leo's Catholic College

St Leo

Many of us applied to join this program with the goal of improving our learning and our students’ learning in STEM. Our projects’ successes have been enhanced and re-defined as a result of our partnerships with the Academy, through the positive relationships we have developed with our mentors, as a product of the collaborative planning that we undertook within our school teams during the February sessions of the STEM Academy and the subsequent planning and support within our individual school teams.

Josephine Cali
Director of Administration and Leader of Science, St Leo’s Catholic College