Key learning areas

The STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy offers three development programs based around the core STEM disciplines of science, mathematics and engineering and technology.





Engineering and IT


The professional learning approach and the resources used in this course focus on the development of students’ scientific literacy. This approach helps students to use their understandings of science concepts and abilities in Working Scientifically in making evidence-based decisions.

Teachers participating in this professional development will have the opportunity consider techniques and strategies to develop and assess their students development of scientific literacy.

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Problem Solving through Challenging Mathematics Tasks as a focus for Professional Learning.

The professional learning approach and the resources used in this course focus on the use of challenging mathematics tasks. This approach helps students build problem-solving and reasoning skills as well as resilience, and a growth mindset. Teachers will learn about designing challenging tasks, structuring lessons to cater for the diverse range of students in Years 9 and 10, and developing appropriate classroom practices.

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engineering and technology

This course will focus on students developing computational thinking and problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on analysing and creating to solve challenging real-world information problems.

Teachers will develop (or extend) their skills and confidence in teaching computer programming using the embedded platform Arduino and its open-source programming environment.

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