Program structure

Focused on themes embedded in the Australian curriculum F-10, the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy program is facilitated by the University’s leading academic specialists.

The program is comprised of two sessions, providing guidance on planning and implementation of STEM strategies, but also evaluation and review. These sessions are supported by visits from trained mentors throughout the program.

In the three-day residential workshop, participants develop a draft plan for implementation of STEM strategies within and across disciplines for terms one and two of the following year.

During the two-day session participants report on the outcomes of implementing these STEM strategies in their schools.

Key themes

The program focuses on key STEM themes embedded in the Australian Curriculum F-10 through sessions facilitated by the University’s academic specialists and STEM leaders, as well as teacher/peer-led sessions.

The STEM Academy program will enhance teachers’ knowledge of content and pedagogy, and inspire them to pursue and expand their own interests in STEM. In particular, the Academy will:

  • Introduce and support exciting and effective approaches to learning, enhance teachers’ knowledge of content and approaches to teaching mathematics, science and digital technologies in Years 9 – 10 of the Australian Curriculum for NSW
  • Develop a community of practice for participating STEM teachers, with ongoing support and engagement through mentoring, online forums, newsletters, seminars and events
  • Develop teachers’ knowledge of STEM-related research and industry as well as knowledge of STEM programs at university and career pathways.