Previous strategic plans

This page provides information about the University’s previous strategic plans.

Strategic Plan 2007-2010

Cover of Strategic Plan 2007-2010

The Strategic Plan 2007-2010 defined five major objectives for the planning period:

  • build our reputation as a leading international research university by increasing research intensity and performance
  • improve flexibility, choice, learning outcomes and the student experience by developing the distinctive Sydney Choices academic program
  • increase the proportion of high-performing staff
  • communicate with, engage and contribute to the cultural, social and political fabric of our national and international community
  • develop a world-class campus environment by investing in physical and ICT infrastructure and by implementing best practice shared services and the University economic model, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability, reinvestment capacity and competitive advantage.

Download the Strategic Plan 2007–2010 (618KB PDF).

Strategic Directions 2006-2010

Cover of Strategic Directions 2006-2010

Strategic Directions 2006-2010 detailed our ambitions for a number of key areas of the University encompassing, learning, teaching, student experience, community and alumni outreach and operations.
It articulated our overarching aspiration as ‘1:5:40’, which would see us achieve:

  • clear leadership as Australia's premier university in research, teaching and learning and the student experience
  • acknowledgement and ranking as one of the top five universities around the world
  • recognition and ranking in the top 40 universities around the world.

Download Strategic Directions 2006-2010 (465KB PDF).

Strategic Plan 1999-2004

Cover of Strategic Plan 1999–2004

The Strategic Plan 1999-2004 articulated the role of the University as being to 'create, preserve, transmit and apply knowledge through teaching, research, creative works and other forms of scholarship' and at the same time reaffirmed our commitment to:

  • institutional autonomy, recognition of the importance of ideas, intellectual freedom to pursue critical and open inquiry, and social
  • tolerance, honesty and respect as the hallmarks of relationships throughout the University community and underpinning high standards of ethical behaviour; and
  • understanding the needs and expectations of those whom it serves and striving constantly to improve the quality and delivery of its services and access to those services

Download the Strategic Plan 1999–2004 (6.3MB PDF)