Enhancing business processes and ICT systems

Strategic objective 4

Develop business processes and ICT systems to facilitate cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty and cross-organisational health and medical research.

A constant theme heard by the review has been the need to invest in and align key business processes and ICT systems to support collaborative health and medical research across the University and with external partner organisations. Notwithstanding the significant improvements in ICT systems and infrastructure over the past couple of years, the review has concluded that further investments in technology will not be optimised unless the underlying business processes are developed and governed in a more coherent, strategic fashion.

Recommendation 12

Establish senior executive-level governance of University-wide ICT capabilities to achieve alignment and coherence in policies, processes and systems to enhance support for cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty and cross-organisational collaborative health and medical research at Sydney.

  • Accelerate investment in the current upgrade to the network across the University to ensure appropriate and adequate bandwidth for research purposes.
  • Develop ICT systems capable of supporting, monitoring and reporting on large-scale research collaborations.
  • Develop agreements with all external research partners to streamline communications, connectivity and data-sharing across all health and medical networks and work sites.