White Paper

The White Paper was published in August 2010 and provides context and commentary about our Strategic Plan 2011–2015 and detail about how we propose to meet future challenges.

The White Paper and Strategic Plan were produced following extensive consultation with the University community and beyond, including the March 2010 Green Paper.

The White Paper is organised as follows:

  • A prologue sets out the context behind the White Paper.
  • Chapter 1 discusses the University’s purpose and values, and explains the structure of the White Paper.
  • Chapter 2 discusses how we plan to refine our governance structures, and concludes with a strategy for managing the size and shape of the University.
  • Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 constitute the heart of our strategic program. They outline our strategies in education, research, and in building stronger local and global partnerships.
  • Chapter 5 addresses key strategies in the areas of resource and cost allocation and the delivery of administrative and professional services.
  • Chapter 6 is an epilogue that describes our vision of success for 2015.