Implementation of the Integrated Strategy

The implementation of this integrated strategy is built on the premise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, research and engagement are an integral part of our core business and the responsibility of the whole University community.

The corollary of this is that the task of implementation will rest generally in those units and areas of the University with responsibility for the University’s core business of learning and teaching, employment and staff development, student recruitment, marketing and so on. Faculties and professional services units (PSUs) will, therefore, play a significant and central role in delivering on the objectives of this strategy, and in its success. In this way, the model we will use to deliver achievement will be two pronged: the implementation of the initiatives is intended to be localised, while advisory and support services, performance monitoring and review will occur corporately.

Our initiative summary at section 6 'realising our future’ describes each initiative and the associated focus area (ranging from successful students to our people, research and knowledge system to community engagement) and theme (our three major themes are opportunity, capability and rights). The Senior Executive Group (SEG) Indigenous Strategy and Services Sub-Committee will be asked to refine priorities so that we can leverage off existing initiatives and resources efficiently and effectively. The role of the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Indigenous Strategy and Services (DVC-ISS) will be to advise, liaise, assist and support where possible, monitor, promote transparent reporting, and recognise excellence in the achievement of the strategy.