Localised implementation

Our faculties understand their business and are best placed to design and incorporate the commitments of this strategy in their learning and teaching, operations and planning. The model proposed has the advantage of promoting local ownership of each initiative. The initial step in this process is for each faculty and professional services unit (PSU, eg Human Resources, Campus Infrastructure and Services, Student Support services) to develop a local implementation plan that sets out their contribution to the targets and objectives identified in the strategy. The office of the DVC-ISS will work with each faculty and PSU to ensure that each initiative gives effect to the guiding principles and intent of the strategy.

Each faculty or PSU will be encouraged to establish a staff-based project team to support local implementation, drawn ideally from the best officers with content and corporate memory of the area and environment. A senior staff member (preferably the dean or director) would ideally act as executive sponsor for the project team and the local implementation plans. Project teams should be able to determine the level of change required to implement the integrated strategy’s various commitments, and marshal the activity to achieve the agreed targets.

A senior project officer from the Office of the DVC-ISS will support each faculty or PSU to construct the relevant local contribution to the strategy’s targets and responsibilities. Wherever possible, this approach will facilitate knowledge exchange and the sharing of successful strategies with other areas of the University, which have similar experiences or needs.

At agreed intervals, the Office of the DVC-ISS, the local project team and the executive sponsor will meet to review progress, changes, barriers, challenges, gaps and continued relevance of strategies. This will be an ongoing process until all elements of the strategy have been successfully achieved, and the transition to ‘business as usual’ is completed.