Academic appeals

The University is committed to fair academic decision-making. Academic decisions are entrusted to members of staff who are expected to act reasonably and in accordance with due academic process. If you believe there are genuine grounds for contesting an academic decision, you may appeal that decision.

Student appeals against academic decisions are governed by the University of Sydney (Student Appeals against Academic Decisions) Rule 2006.

An academic decision is a decision that affects the academic assessment or progress of a person within his or her award course, including a decision:

  • to exclude a student on academic grounds
  • not to readmit or re-enrol a person following exclusion
  • to terminate a student's candidature for a postgraduate award.

Please note that not all decisions made by University staff are academic decisions. Non-academic decisions are covered by a separate University policy and include decisions relating to:

  • unit of study administration
  • access to laboratories, libraries, University web sites, etc.

If you believe that you have grounds to contest a non-academic decision, please refer to the complaints section of this site.