Application assessment

Once you have submitted your appeal, the Student Affairs Unit will contact you to confirm that your appeal has been received and is under consideration against the requirements in the Appeals Rule.

The Student Affairs Unit will determine whether or not you have satisfied the requirements stated in Clause 5.3 of the Appeals Rule and, thereby, qualify for a hearing before the Student Appeals Board (SAB). The Student Affairs Unit will look to confirm:

  • that you have met the 20 working day deadline, or the registrar has granted you an extension at his or her discretion
  • that you are appealing an academic decision
  • that your faculty has considered your appeal, and
  • that you have addressed how you believe the faculty has not observed due academic process in addressing your appeal.

If you have not satisfied these requirements, you will be informed that your appeal will not be heard by the SAB.

If it is decided that your appeal qualifies for a hearing, you will be contacted to confirm a time, date and location for your hearing. Please note that SAB hearings are held on the Darlington campus, although hearings via conference call can be organised in exceptional cases.