Composing your appeal

To be accepted, your appeal to the Student Appeals Board (SAB) must identify and address a perceived breach of due academic process by your faculty in relation to an academic decision. Due academic process is defined as the fair and consistent application of faculty and University policy.

Each appeal is different; however, in composing your appeal you should try to address the following questions:

  • How do you think the faculty did not follow policy or procedures when dealing with your appeal?
  • Was there anything you feel was not considered by the faculty?
  • Do you think there was anything that the faculty could have done better?
  • Were there any policies or procedures you feel that your faculty did not consistently apply to your case?
  • If you are appealing against exclusion, take a look at your Show Cause letter; was there anything that you feel was not taken into consideration by the faculty?
  • Were there steps you took to address the reasons behind your poor academic performance that were not taken into account by the faculty?

You may wish to include supporting documentation along with your appeal letter. This may include medical certificates, relevant sections of University policies, University provided forms and correspondence received from the University. If you have any questions about what types of documentation are acceptable, please contact the Student Affairs Unit.