Faculty-level appeal

If your concerns cannot be resolved at an informal level, you may submit a written appeal, including any supporting documentation, to your faculty’s Student Information Office, or equivalent online facility. Some faculties require that such appeals include an appeal application/lodgement form. Please check with your relevant faculty to confirm if this applies to you.

It is important to remember that you must submit your written appeal to your faculty within 20 working days of the academic decision having been made, or within 20 working days of the finalisation of an informal appeal. It is possible for your faculty dean to grant permission to extend this timeframe, however permission is granted only in exceptional circumstances. Please contact your relevant faculty to inquire about this process.

Once you have submitted your written appeal, your faculty will provide you with a written acknowledgement of having received your appeal within 3 working days and will advise you when, roughly, you may expect a decision. Your faculty will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that you receive a decision within 10 working days of receiving your appeal. Please be aware, however, that it may take longer than 10 days to resolve, as some appeals are more complex than others.

Following an investigation, the dean of your faculty will provide you with a written decision addressing the terms of your appeal.

Important note: Faculty-level appeals are not a suitable course of actrion if you are a postgraduate research student appealing an academic decision associated with:

  • termination of candidature or
  • the examination of a thesis

In these cases, you should instead lodge a University-level appeal.