Help and support

Your student organisation
Before lodging your complaint, you may find it valuable to follow the example of other students and first discuss your problem with a caseworker in your student organisation:

The SRC and SUPRA are run by students and their services are provided free to students. The staff in these organisations are trained professionals. They are not employed by the University but by the student body who has been elected (by students) to run their organisation. The SRC and SUPRA have caseworkers who are very knowledgeable about the University’s regulations and responsibilities and very experienced in supporting students during formal and informal meetings with University decision-makers.
The Student Affairs Unit
In addition to the help you can get from your student organisation, the University has staff in each faculty and service area who can advise you on making a complaint relating to their area of teaching or service provision. If you are unsure who to direct your complaint to, or would like to have an initial discussion of your complaint with someone in the University who is not connected with the area or person you wish to complain about, contact the Student Affairs Unit.

The Student Affairs Unit is responsible for handling specific appeals against academic decisions and student misconduct complaints. However, our staff will be happy to have a preliminary discussion of your complaint with you, to help you decide if you wish to go ahead with the complaint and, if so, how to proceed.