Make a complaint

If you are unable to resolve your issue through informal resolution, you feel uncomfortable with this step or you consider it inappropriate, you can submit a complaint using our online Student Complaint Form.

If you want to raise a sensitive issue you can:

Email us at
Call us on +61 8627 5559
Call 1800 SYD HLP (option 2 or 3)

The information asked from you is used by the Student Affairs Unit to assess and progress your complaint so try and include anything relevant. This may include:

  • what the complaint is, who is involved
  • why you think the action or decision was wrong or unfair
  • what outcome you are seeking
  • any steps you have already taken to resolve the matter yourself.

Whilst the information you provide is voluntary, if you choose not to identify yourself on the form we may not be able to act on your complaint (Resolution of Complaints Policy 2015, section 11).

You should not make a vexatious or malicious complaint or one without reasonable cause.

Student complaint form

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By completing this form you are making a complaint to the University of Sydney under the Resolution of Complaints Policy 2015. The information you provide will be used and/or disclosed by the University in accordance with the Policy and the Student Complaints Procedures 2015.

The information you provide will be held by the University’s Student Affairs Unit. If required under the Policy or Procedures the information may be disclosed during the resolution of a complaint (section 15).

The supply of information in making a complaint is voluntary, however if you do not identify yourself the University may not act on your complaint (section 11).

You have the right to access and correct information about you held by the University. Contact the Student Affairs Unit for more details.